Robert Jones is a Professional ISF Calibrator. His special talent is using the Image Perfection protocol as the final and most visually crucial step in the ultrafine tuning of Home Theater Systems.
Robert Jones
Owner, Image Perfection
Robert is also known as ‘Mr. Bob’ on

After owning and operating the San Francisco Bay Area's Audio-Video business Stereo Wizards for more than 20 years Bob left that behind to start calibrating FPTV's, RPTV's and Direct View as the technologies emerged. He has optimized thousands of high-precision systems including CRT, DLP, LCD, Plasma, LCOS and DILA systems.

Says Bob, “More and more viewers are realizing that without a professional calibration, they are not getting full value out of the display they paid thousands for. Would they even consider doing that with a Lamborgini or a Maserati?”

At this writing, with CRT RPTV's higher precision and resolution, a system will still be far less expensive to buy and have calibrated than any similarly sized fixed-pixel display. A full-service Image Perfection calibration assures the maximum bang-for-buck value and the highest degree of viewing pleasure. High calibrations bring on a razor-sharp picture that allows viewers to sit closer to their displays and get lost in an alternative world of visual delight.

With a dizzying stream of clients and a rich cross-section of private businesses, Bob has worked for many high-profile entities including Disney, The Wherehouse, Delta Airlines, Lockheed, Dunfey and Red Robin. He has worked on systems owned by a prominent member of Oscar Award winning Digital Domain as well as a home system for director of CGI at Industrial Light and Magic. Two key scenes, in Star Wars Episode Two and Attack of the Clones, were used to test the calibration by the ILM CGI artist from the direct to digital DVD. Scenes from Special Effects Oscar winning Titanic – Oscar won by Digital Domain – were used to test the other RPTV.

He brings the benefits of many years as an experienced on-location electronics technician to the unflinching perfectionism it takes to come up with the only kind of visual image he himself cares to watch – the best – and is ever interested in educating whoever he can in the process, many times interrupting a calibration to chat about something technical that he has been asked about, by the client.

The handle of “Mr Bob” is internationally known on the Internet, as he is a contributing writer to many home theater boards. His writings – including both observations and advice – have appeared in many places on the Internet, sometimes far from where they were originally written.

Centrally located in San Francisco’s East Bay (San Lorenzo), Bob stands ready to go wherever the work takes him, whether locally or across the country.